Important planning restrictions for new construction of single family homes on rural Ibiza land


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

It is a fact that the political map is changing colour as can be seen in the numerous reforms and proposals that we see in the different towns of the island. Another demostration of the ideological change that closely affects us is the recent modification of the Territorial Island Plan (PTI) of Ibiza by the Island Consell that has gone forward thanks to the votes of PSOE and Podem-Guanyem. This is a precautionary rule approved on the 30th November 2.016 and that will come into force the day after its publication in the BOIB for a period up to three years or until the modification of the PTI of Ibiza is approved. Amongst other measures, on rural land will only be allowed the maximum construction of 300 square meters surface per dwelling and up to 900 cubic meters of volume (including additional constructions). Another measure will be the prohibition of building homes on segregated plots, with exception to inheritances and donations in life from parents to children preventing from this reform its sale to third parties within 15 years from its segregation. At the same time will be forbidden concrete walls, and in its place these must be walls of dry stone or "cinegetico" enclosures. There will also be restrictions in the construction of swimming pools.

Expropriation or protection of the environment?

This is a good question although what is true is that this measure will surely have an effect: That of reducing the offer of plots for construction and on existing the continual demand of purchase for these types of dwellings in Ibiza will lead to an immediate increase in the prices of plots with licenses in force or in existing dwellings and a loss of value of plots with no construction or without a building license under process who will temporarily immediately lose any possibility of building or until is approved the definate new Island Plan of Ibiza. In any case, the planning panorama is changing very quickly and it is imperative that any investor be duly informed and updated. A new challenge that the team of Bufete Frau lawyers accepts and is ready to fight in the interest of our clients in Ibiza in these controversial matters.


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