Why do you need a lawyer when you buy or sell a house in Mallorca or Ibiza?


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We have a pioneer service: “The Pre Scan Property Service” Bufete Frau Law Firm is an expert in property law and can give you the guidance you need when you are buying or selling a property

Buying a home will probably be the largest and most significant purchase you will make in your life. It also involves the law of real property, which is unique and raises special issues of practice and problems not present in other transactions. A real estate lawyer is trained to deal with these problems and has the most experience to deal with them. As a result, some states certify lawyers as “Real Property Specialists”. It is highly recommended for the success of the transaction, to have the legal, judicial and tax services of an attorney who specializes in real estate law. As well as one who speaks the same language as the client.

In our law firm, we offer a complete service, being pioneers in this field, and we have the Pre Scan Property Service. The Pre Scan Property Report is the development of an initial study of the urban situation of the property, which is valuable information for all parties involved in the purchase process: seller, buyer and real estate agent. The results of the study will determine whether the property meets all the requirements necessary to carry out the purchase without difficulties or obstacles.

why we need a lawyer

 A lawyer is helpful in explaining the form and making changes and additions to reflect the buyer’s and the seller's desires. -If the property has been altered or there has been an addition to the property, was it done lawfully? -If the buyer has plans to change the property, can what is being planned for the property be done lawfully? -What are the legal consequences if the closing does not take place, and what happens to the down payment?

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