The Tax Reform will lower the taxation of Inheritance and Donation Tax to non-residents in Spain, especially in the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza.


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

After the approval, 8th of October 2014, of the three projects that are included in the amendment of the Tax Reform, our department of tax consultancy places at the disposal of our European non-resident clients a tax advisor and a lawyer, both specialized and available in Mallorca as well as in Ibiza, for tax consultancy concerning the application of the Inheritance and Donation Tax in Spain after the future Tax Reform.

If you wish please click here for an appointment with a lawyer, solicitor and/or tax advisor.

To the amendment presented yesterday to end the discrimination in the application of the Inheritance and Donation Tax to the non-residents in Spain, and denounced before the European Court of Justice who effectively issued the sentence that it is a tax not in accordance to European Union Rights as we explained in our last publication “The Spanish Inheritance and Donation Tax discriminates the Non-Residents”, has been added improvements in the tax treatment to:

  • -          The residents who inherit properties located out of Spain that, the same as is presently occurring to the non-residents, will have applied the state regulation without the possibility of obtaining the tax benefits applied in the autonomous regions.
  • -          The non-residents also cannot, at present, take benefit of the autonomous deductions in the Capital gains tax whereby, and anticipating another possible sentence of the European Court of Justice, an amendment to put an end to this discrimination has been included in the Tax Reform.
  • -          The non-residents in the Income Tax declaration with the creation of a draft for its preparation.

Tax consultancy to non-residents in Mallorca and IbizaIn summary, the future Tax Reform will bring large tax benefits to the European non-residents in Spain, in particular in Mallorca and Ibiza where the autonomous tax reduction is substantial with respect to other Spanish autonomous regions. We would take the advantage of reminding you that our office of lawyers and solicitors includes a department of tax consultancy both for individual persons as well as juridical, and also company accounting of mainly foreign partners. We deal with the accounting books, we present taxes and declarations, apart from our expertise in inheritances and donations. Forget any legal, tax or Trading concern and let a tax advisor and/or qualified trustful lawyer and solicitor take care of your legal and tax matters in a swift, efficient and safe manner. Bufete Frau lawyers, leaders in legal and tax services to foreign citizens in Mallorca and Ibiza.

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